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2nd National Edutech Innovative Summit (NEIS)-2019 Mumbai:

Our Projects

Our Work

Bharatdarshan World Center

A grand India event featuring Indian culture, art, legend, dance, music publishing and entertainment. And that is the state of the artist and the artist of that part.

Talent India..Star India

Through Talent India, various competitions and events are organized. India's talent is honored by giving them a stage

National Edutech Innovative Summit

It invites dignitaries working in the fields of Education, Skill, Innovation, Research, Science as well as personalities across the country to make use of their existing experience and experience to teachers across the country.

Model Center..Global Center

It provides the guidance and knowledge needed to build a high quality school, college, university in India. For this, dignitaries from different fields are called and tried to use their knowledge to help other people.

Explorance of Indian Art's & Handicrafts

Through this, seminars are organized for artists working in Art and Handicrafts and exhibitions are organized for them. Therefore, their paintings, crafts, etc. are available to the public and in some cases, they are sold and financially supported and promoted by new artists.

TIS Global Olympiad

Through this, various competitions, seminars, workshops, etc. are organized to provide information about General knowledge, heritage, environment,innovations, technology,science, etc. to the students of the schools and colleges and to understand their responsibility.

Smart Child..Star Child

By organizing summer camps, Diwali camps and various seminars to work for the overall development of the children, it works to make today's generation smart and a star.

Artists Global Council

Thereby various awards and honors are given to various artists. At the same time, efforts are being made to help them understand their problems..

Global Center for EducAtion,Business Skills Innovation Research Technology & Industry

The medium takes into account the developmental needs of the country, for which various programs are taken. Attempts are made to see how some of these good things will be used for education. Programs like Intership are implemented, and the medium considers how all of these innovations will be linked to technology and factories.

Bharatdarshan National Festival

Through this, artists from across the country are given a world stage to present their art. It also honors participating artists through various competitions