Matters which are neccessary furtherance of the objects specified clause 3(A) are:-

To support, maintain , assist and promote in India and abroad in areas of education , to organize various social awareness camps, environment protection , to run education institutes, colleges , school, universities subject approval for concerned authority , conduction of training sessions, to conduct training for self employment generation & to run various placement programs & counselling center rain water harvesting , save girl child , flood relief, anti corruption drive , help to differently able , drug abuse awareness, aids awareness, monumental project, medica. project , consumerism & right to information , help poor children & old age people , to do activities for welfare & development of women , mently & physically challenged people, orgnize various welfare and development programs for rural areas , to run social call center , rendering basic amenities and other services to the victims of natural or human calamities , to do and prote all the charitable function for advancement and for the upliftment all the charitable function for advancement and for the upliftment of society.

To promote environment protection rain water harvesting , flood relief, animal husbandry , dairying & fisheries , agricultural & food security.

To promote & organize various programs & activities for social awareness camps, to provide various gifts , awards , rewards , To publish newspaper , magazine, flims, online & offline advertisement through portal & other media for promotion of all the people in the society.

To start an association for connecting people to share information, to organize & promote various social and cultural events & program, To run various self help Group, to run & implement various Government schemes & programs, to start & run old age Home, girls hostel, heritage, provide food, home & other basis amenities all age group of people, to promote welfare activities to help poor children & old age people to help differently able to do activities for welfare & development of woman, woman empowerment, mently, and physically challenged people. Street children vulnerable sections, to prevent female infanticide agricultural techniques development and capacity generation, to run social call center, rendering basic amenties and other services to the victim of natural or human calamities, human rights, advocacy for social change legal awareness & aid,, right to information consumerism, anti-corruption & bribery, art & culture community empowerment, youth affairs,scientific & industrial research , to do and promote all the charitable functions & welfare activities for advancement and forbthe uplifitment.

To open bank eye donation to run hospital clinic nurising house medical camp, health conselling center ambulance services.

To undertake promote sponsor discharge fullfill or assist all types of acticities for promotion of education, national welfare, economic growth, increase in standard of living, uplifting moral of public, by organizing seminars & lectures, publishing books and literature, distributing awards & scholarship, providing subsiding and donations to such persons or bodies on such terms & conditions as the broads of directions of the compny may think fit from time to time.

To Support maintain consist and promote old age home,health counseling centers water havesting, save girl child ,road relif,anti corruption drive alds awareness,monrental project, consumerism & right to information to do other charitable function.

To undertake activities for the promotion development & growth of national economy at local, regional, state or central level either on its own or through any media representations, bodies,association or welfare organization in the field of trade, business, commerce industries, utilities, defence, security, human rights, health care ,natural calamities or in such other fields directly or indirectly contributing to the promotion of national & social welfare.